When drawing a story manga, it is necessary to draw many kinds of scenes, many kinds of backgrounds.

Basically, it is important to draw backgrounds based on data like photos. Also, it is important to note that it's not good to consider a character and background separately.

Perspective drawing

Perspective drawing is the way of drawing solid objects, natural scenes etc on a flat surface, so that they appear to have the correct shape, distance from each other. (Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary c 2006-2010 K Dictionaries Ltd.) 

When drawing manga, it is often said that perspective drawing is difficult, but it is necessary just because mangaka wants to tell something or express some kind of mood in the scene. Such thinking should be a starting point.

There are no manga that is funny or interesting only because its perspective drawing is perfect. On that basis, it is good to have the skill of perspective drawing as a way to make it easier to convey what mangaka wants to tell. 

If you make it into a habit to find *vanishing points when you see some buildings on a street, it becomes a good way to practice perspective drawing.

*vanishing point is the appearance of a point on the horizon at which parallel lines converge. (WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection. c 2003-2012 Princeton University, Farlex Inc.)

Perspective drawing is not only used for drawing buildings and sceneries, but also for drawing everything including human characters.

5 002 1

The illustrations that show something viewed from below are called “Aori" and the illustrations that show something viewed from above are called “Fukan".

5 002 2

*The illustrations “Aori" and “Fukan" are also used for expressing psychological effect, but when drawing anything, in fact perspective drawing is used for them all.

However, perspective drawing is just a way to make it easier to convey what mangaka wants to tell or the mood he/she wants to express. Frankly speaking, it's OK if it doesn't look strange. Prioritize an image as `scenery' and utilize perspective drawing in order to make it better.

To break perspective drawing rule or to do deformation is also a technique to convey an image that mangaka wants to tell.


A street scene: a character is in the street.

-Imagine a specific place as much as possible.
-Be careful the compatibility between a character and a background. (Keep it from becoming disorganized and take special care with their locations, sizes, perspective drawing and so on.)


A scene: Two or more people are in a room

-Pose the characters differently from each other. (For example, one is standing and the other is sitting.) 

-Describe concretely what kind of room. (to create an atmosphere)
-Be careful the compatibility and take special care with characters' locations, sizes, and perspective drawing.


第5回 背景を描く -パース-




これをアイレベル(EL)とか言います。EL の線上のどこかに消失点(小さくなって消えてしまう点)が来ます。




5 002 1


5 002 2




第5回問題 1人の人物がいる街中の風景





・2人以上の人物はそれぞれ違うポーズ。(例:立っている人と座っている人とか )




Written by Lucky_Uematsu, illustration;Lucky_Uematsupractice sample;mashima_motoTranslated by zmi